T. DeLene Beeland

Who am I? My life’s passion is communicating research. I’m a published author and nonfiction writer who holds a Master of Science in ecology and journalism. My recent writing has spanned COVID-19, novel infectious diseases, public health, arboviruses, new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria; and novel and reemerging pathogens that affect people, plants, and animals. Member: American Medical Writers Association, National Association of Science Writers, and The Authors Guild. 

What do I do? I craft clear and accurate content for clients ranging from major universities to life sciences companies and more. I pay special attention to target audiences, and translate published research into stories that accurately convey major findings or the tale behind how hard-won results were achieved. Whether producing web content, a press release, or marketing materials, I ensure accuracy and a high level of attention to detail. I also edit documents of all kinds: manuscripts, grants, marketing content, and more.

Recent clients? One of my longtime clients is the Emerging Pathogens Institute at the University of Florida. Additional clients include: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Sanguine Biosciences, Dragonfly Editorial, OpenGrants, Thaddeus Medical Systems, Enago, Clemson University College of Science, Charlotte Observer (special correspondent), Wildlife in North Carolina, EARTH magazine, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, Penn State University, and Duke University.

Honing my craft. I am pursuing a professional certificate from the University of Chicago in Medical Writing & Editing, freelance specialization track, with an anticipated completion date of summer 2021.

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